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GUYS. I’m very very busy, but you should know that we’re definitely back from Vegas by now. Mostly I came home so I could plan the next trips. Sorry, work!

Not to recycle content or anything, but here’s the short list of things that happened in Vegas. I’ll be writing a full travel journal about it, of course!

1) We witnessed MTV Spring Break, which was being filmed at the Palms while we were staying there. Seriously, you have no idea.

2) We watched Gonzaga win the WCC, even though we were rooting for St Mary’s. Security blocked the court-storm, too, which makes it extra-cruel every time we see one on TV. Next year, a different tournament!

3) I played craps twice and won, recouping my losses at pai gow (which was bad to me for the first time ever). Because I haven’t lost at craps, of course I have to be obsessed with it now. That’s dangerous. (Also, ‘play craps’ was item #22 to be completed on my 101 Things list.)

4) We went to the Nightclub and Bar Show, otherwise known as “the greatest convention ever”. Next time we’ll plan to go for both days, because that is waaaaaay too much to cover (read: drink) in one session. LOVED IT, and we got to talk to a lot of awesome people. Including…

5) The porn star who autographed her poster specially for our wedding:

a porn star just wished us happy wedding.

6) We got upgraded to pimp suites not once but twice! (We stayed at the Sahara, the Palms, and the Flamingo.)

7) Matt stole a pancake from Paris. We wrapped it in Keno forms and put it in my purse.

8) We had cocktails in a $34 million, three-story chandelier. The Cosmopolitan is incredible, dudes. It’s my new favorite casino.

9) A rapper bought us shots, and was sad we wouldn’t be in town for his CD release party.

10) Bally got his picture taken with a showgirl.

Here are all the Vegas photos! (They’re also Iowa photos! We had a pretty excellent time there, too.)

Since we’ve been back, we took a few days to recover, as Matt got a cold immediately upon our return home. We watched the Gophers knock themselves right out of the Final Five, though I guess losing the weekend before the event makes it way easier for me to sell our tickets. I have done so this week, and that paid for my plane ticket to San Diego! (Matt’s doing another work conference out there next weekend, so I’m going along for a whirlwind trip and to exploit the American Express/Delta 5x miles promotion.)

We also returned to bowling for a short spring league. I’m really bad at bowling now! It’s alarming.

our wedding rings are in here! (74/365)

Our wedding rings arrived!! They’re in that box right there, but I’m not showing you til the big day. Which is exactly 6 months from tomorrow, I should note.

P.S. I think we should have this as our first dance. (NSFW!) We heard it on Sirius in Vegas, and it is… something.

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