this took me 3 minutes!

There has been so little going on in the past week (and in such a good way), that I can simply hurry and do this:

1) Bowling – it’s clear I need more practice.

2) Prizefighter Sound System at Grumpy’s: GO. AWESOME. Hope they keep it going.

3) Cafe Maude is only 10 blocks from our house, which is a really entertaining walk. Love that place.

4) Red Zone is the greatest thing to happen to sports since hockey.

5) We’ve done a lot of cooking lately, and also are doing a good job of using our garden harvest!

6) Our Los Angeles and Hawaii itinerary is 22 pages long. Mainly that’s flights (11 of them, if you’re Matt), hotels, and a couple car rentals.

7) I know how I want to do my 2011 letterpress calendar. Now I have to design it, have polymer plates made, buy paper, and schedule studio time. So, you know, it’s a lot. But it will also be worth it.

8) Happy birthday, Kate! We went over to celebrate with our recently-honeymooned pals and had awesome Jamaican food for dinner.

9) The Twins are incredibly exciting. Makes up for a couple of the local football teams.

10) Joe’s taking us to a Wild game tomorrow!!!!

11) Baby knitting! Exciting!

I think that’s it. Did that make sense?

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