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I’m not really into this whole ‘early fall’ thing, but we’re making the most of it. Last weekend, for example: Matt’s parents came to visit, and we did a lot.

Friday night, we grilled pizza, watched some of the Twins game, and then went to the Shout House. It was pretty corny, but Judy loved it, and our gigantic Mai Tais helped. We did find out where they store all the suburban white folks in Minneapolis, too!

Saturday, I got to see my first Gophers football game at TCF Bank stadium!*

the konrads

The Gophers were terrible, even more terrible than expected, but that was fine. We had great seats, saw skydivers landing on the field, watched an awesome band performance, and it was gorgeous outside. We all got unexpectedly sunburnt, too.


After the game, we took a cab back to St Anthony for Oktoberfest. We had a lot of beer, played Hammerschlagen, and I got this:

hooray oktoberfest!

Kris and Orsi arrived with the kids shortly before we left. Szofia showed off her new temporary tattoos, most of which were on her neck. Her parents are raising her right.

A little later in the evening, we took the parents to Bradstreet. I was worried they might be a little put off by the fancy cocktail menu, but they absolutely loved it. Judy made plans for her 70th birthday party, which may or may not involve a party in Watertown with a kids’ table for everyone under 70, and then meeting us in Vegas afterwards.

We had dinner at Wondrous Azian Kitchen. The place was absolutely insane, and I’m very happy about that: I really want it to do well in that spot. Despite the deafening noise levels and the fact I almost got pickpocketed (pick-pursed?), we had a great time, and the food and drinks were uniformly excellent.

Sunday, they headed home and we parked ourselves on the couch for the return of Red Zone, the greatest sports-viewing invention of all time. I crocheted, did laundry and cleaning, put up some new shelves in the dining room, and we made dinner with a bunch of ingredients we had on hand, like chickpeas and our chard harvest. Then we played cards. We win at wholesome.

This week is enjoyably quiet, at least til Thursday. We shopped and grilled last night, and ate dinner outside. One of the grilled items was chile rellenos made with some of our Anaheim peppers, and they were excellent. Tonight will likely be more of the same, plus some canning: I have a pickled green beans recipe I really want to try! I’m a fan of hanging out at home being productive, because it also allows us to stockpile a bunch of money. Why? Oh, just because we’re going to Hawaii in less than three weeks.

You know, Hawaii. It looks like this.

kapalua beach

Take that, early fall.

*Item #10 on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list. 10% done, only 72 days in! I’ve sent $200 to savings already!

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