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Listen, my friends. Bullet points are just going to have to suffice for now, because I am hella busy. You hear that? HELLA. (Also, I’ll probably write this up in my travel journal soon.)

1) Camping on Friday night was so great. I was worried with the wind and cold, but our site was protected and we had a gigantic fire. We played cards and dominoes, drank manhattans, and grilled tacos after hiking for a couple of hours near the river. I love Jay Cooke state park a lot. It’s gorgeous.

st louis river

2) Saturday morning, we went to see the world’s largest hockey stick and the US Hockey Hall of Fame in Eveleth. It was absolutely worth the drive.


3) We checked in at the Sheraton in Duluth, then set to wanderin’. We met up with Jumi and Josh for dinner, then went to the casino where I won $45 and Matt won $400 at blackjack. Holy crap.

4) Sunday morning, we did touristy things in Duluth:

bally visits the lift bridge

5) Then it was time for Dan and Kate’s wedding!!!

dan and kate gettin' hitched

7) The reception was fantastic. Everybody had a great time, there was dancing and ridiculousness, Bally ended up in a chandelier, the cake had ninjas on it, and Jumi got caught trying to stealborrow someone’s scooter. They ended the night with ‘Don’t Stop Believin’, too. Loved it.

dan and bally

8) Monday morning, we ran into Jumi and Josh again in Canal Park, so we brunched it up at Hell Burgers and then headed south, because Matt and I had tickets to see NAS and Damian Marley at First Ave. And while generally I would not go to a show around 10pm on a Monday after a very long weekend: sweet jebus, it was amazing. And even started on time, so we managed to get to bed around 12:30. Here’s video!

9) Last night, we met up with one of Matt’s old high school friends at the Local, and stayed out way too late again. It was worth it, though.

10) We’re going my last regular-season Twins game tonight, which means we may actually get to bed at a normal time tonight!

11) Tomorrow is our only night off again for a while. Besides watching the Vikings game, I plan to harvest my soybeans. (I’m so proud of my farm.) Hopefully I’ll have time to get through my 100+ photos from this weekend, too!

*Cost for Minnesota state parks permit, good for a year from date of purchase: $25
Cost for Wisconsin state  parks permit, good for a calendar year: $50

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