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So Dan’s been doing this 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge for a while now, and he got Wendy to do it, too. I’ve been considering it, though there’s something about that three-year timeframe that hurts my brain. I could make a list of 101 things to do in a month or a year, but 1001 days is hard.

At any rate, I’m working on it, because if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s lists. Like I told Matt, if I put something on a list, it’s as good as done.

Reading Wendy’s 101 things list yesterday inspired me to go finish a longstanding task on 43 things, and I’m reposting it here in its entirety so I can find it later. I started this list four years ago, and it is called:

Remember 100 moments that have made my life up to this point great.

1 seeing the pacific ocean
2 getting laid off, because it pushed me to do what i want to do
3 flying an airplane
4 buying my house
5 …and selling my house
6 the formation of team awesome
7 finding my perfect apartment
8 buying my mini!
9 getting my first tattoo for my birthday on south beach
10 doing the 3day in 2004
11 my 33rd birthday. a huge group of friends, a cabin in the woods, chillaxin’, breathing fire, five days of partying. loved it.
12 meeting jay
13 meeting kore as a sensei and tattoo artist. she’s my role model.
14 taking the contracting job, and deciding to never be an employee again
15 joining the ymca. it’s been a huge part of my life.
16 meeting wendy, who’s now my co-captain for our 3day team
17 the day we finished paying off $40k in debt
18 deciding that every day was the awesomest day ever
19 moving to minnesota
20 the two major breakups i’ve been through. i’m so glad those relationships are over.
21 going to alaska
22 meeting chele, my inspiration in so many ways
23 finishing my second 3day, with an amazing team
24 jumping out of an airplane
25 traveling alone and loving it
26 deciding to take random classes in anything that interests me: weightlifting, meditation, driving a train, woodworking, martial arts, knitting
27 falling in love again
28 becoming a hockey fan
29 the killer parties that nearly killed me :)
30 assembling an amazing group of friends
31 my alone-roadtrip to the west coast for three weeks
32 sitting in our log (no, i can’t explain this)
33 vegas with team awesome
34 learning to be a better photographer
35 seeing my friends cheering for us at the 3day last year
36 realizing i had nothing to be afraid of
37 our first date
38 making the choice to walk away from friends who weren’t really friends
39 telling matt i loved him
40 hiking on volcanoes in hawaii
41 snorkeling with sea turtles
42 agreeing that everything we’ve been through in relationships has been worth it, because of this
43 walking across the charles bridge in prague
44 realizing minneapolis is my favorite place on earth
45 going on a cruise with wendy and stephanie
46 taking swing-dance class together
47 quitting the theatres to be a full-time geek
48 hiking alone in glacier and coming across mountain goats
49 realizing i’m the only one responsible for my happiness
50 this
51 watching playoff hockey on the roof of xcel center
52 sitting in the beach in puerto vallarta with matt, drinking a margarita with my feet in the sand
53 laughing so hard my ribs hurt while camping
54 sea kayaking in roatan on the most perfect beach i’ve ever seen
55 doing the relationship study survey for the university and realizing that i’m dating the sweetest boy ever
56 realizing that my efforts to reorganize my personal finances and be rich someday are actually paying off!
57 swimming with stingrays in grand cayman, and kissing one of them
58 getting an iud, one of the best decisions i’ve ever made!
59 leaving the ft lauderdale on the cruise, and bursting into tears because i was so damn happy to have all my friends and the boy i love there with me to experience those things
60 watching the sun set every night in mexico
61 taking awesome cooking classes through community ed
62 crewing the breast cancer 3day with wendy
63 dancing our asses off at 3am in vegas
64 sitting indian-style in the ocean in honduras
65 moving into a house with matt
66 meeting matt’s grandma, who’s 99 years old and amazing
67 my fantastic work christmas parties
68 taking a nap in the sports book
69 getting my 9th tattoo
70 kissing the boy i love at midnight on new year’s eve
71 realizing that our house was pretty much perfect for us
72 selling my mini, and buying my GTO
73 seeing rage against the machine and mos def during the RNC in the twin cities
74 witnessing the first election i was actually excited and hopeful about
75 being on a bowling team with matt, missy, doran, and mikey. so much fun.
76 kissing the stanley cup
77 both of us winning a bunch of money playing blackjack on the ship
78 seeing the look on matt’s face on my birthday
79 sitting at roots bamboo our first afternoon in negril, drinking rum punch and staring at the ocean
80 campfires and hanging out in the yard at night with friends
81 spending a whole day wandering around san juan before boarding our cruise ship
82 seeing matt’s grandma at her 100th birthday party
83 having the best meal of our lives at fleur de lys in vegas
84 having the best trip in boston
85 taking matt to see my grandparents’ house in menominee
86 my 36th birthday, which was perfect
87 seeing the us vs honduras game at soldier field
88 setting up our patio for our first spring in the house
89 losing my camera in a cab in barbados, and getting it back!!
90 getting snowed in for 4 days in south dakota
91 finishing project365
92 winning a ribbon for my knitting at the state fair
93 capturing this at our halloween party in 2009
94 the amazing race in limos at my work xmas party
95 touring target field
96 harlan’s 70th birthday
97 finishing my first letterpress project
98 our awesome weekend with a group of friends in milwaukee for matt’s birthday
99 seeing the donovan goal in added time to get the US to the knockout stages in the world cup
100 finishing this list over the course of FOUR YEARS on 43things!!

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  1. Reply cheleNo Gravatar Jun 29, 2010 11:16 am

    YOU are full of awesome, and you’re my inspiration too.
    Love you lots, my friend!

  2. Reply WendyNo Gravatar Jun 29, 2010 11:28 am

    I’m pretty glad to be a part of a lot of those, dude.

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