sick = photo post!

I got sick Thursday night between the hours of 9pm and 11pm. SERIOUSLY. I was not happy about it.

Friday, Matt and I had dinner at Harry Singh’s in the midst of the insane downpour. The streets in South Minneapolis flooded. I’ve never seen waves on Nicollet Avenue before. (Here’s a video.) When a fire truck sped by, the waves washed over the top of a car parked out front, and came under the front door of the restaurant. It was amazing.

Once the rain let up and the lake subsided, we went to try the cocktails at the Forum. Let’s just say we’ll be returning: that place was great.

Saturday, I felt pretty good in the morning (provided I took Sudafed every 4 hours), so we went to have brunch at The Depot (First Ave’s new restaurant). They were outside painting stars back on the building. I really, really wanted this, but did not steal it:

We decided to try Brits for the USA-Ghana game, knowing it would probably be insane. I considered laying down and dying on the way there (I keep feeling like I can’t get enough oxygen), but we made it, only to be turned away at the door because they were full. We would’ve gone to Kieran’s, but there was no way I’d be able to stand for the entire game in that condition. Instead, we went to Rock Bottom. It was an excellent choice: we got seats with a good view of three TVs, a good server, and a decent crowd to watch with.

I’d have preferred that we won, of course, but it was a good run.

We planned to go out later, and I woke up from a nap at 8pm feeling pretty good. That lasted for an hour, and then I was laying on the floor groaning. What the hell, cold? You suck.

We missed Pride, too. I’m glad the weather was really good for it, considering the storms the rest of the weekend.

We got a lot done around the house on Sunday. I’d be fine for an hour, then have to sit down for a while; that worked out well as far as accomplishment and knitting. I blocked my shrug for the final time, and got a bunch done on the cardigan I’m working on.

I baked two loaves of rhubarb bread (one to bring to la familia), then made vegetable curry, which included a turnip from the garden. We also made dhalpouri on the grill. SO GOOD.

Tonight, finally, we’re going to visit my brother and his family, who are in town for a month from Orlando. I was worried I’d still be sick today, but the cold is subsiding quickly. Nobody wants to infect the relatives, after all.

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