the yanks are coming.

It wasn’t til after Mexico-Bafana Bafana that I realized how much coffee I’ve consumed today. My legs are moving of their own volition. I love the World Cup!!! (So does Bally, obviously.)

We hung our US-supporting flag in the porch window. We’re a little worried that our neighbors won’t get it, and will think we’re republicans or something. We briefly considered hanging our Gophers flag out there, too, to make it clear we’re just your average sports fans.

Last night, we went to trivia at the Industrial with Dan and Kate. We stayed for both rounds this time (it only went til about 11:30, which wasn’t bad), because we’re officially on a winning streak. $50 in gift certificates = awesome. The guy running it said, “are you guys really that smart?” I think he thought we were cheating or something. Nope, we just have Matt. He knows things.

Tonight we’re having Friday Night Meats at our house, and hopefully the rain will hold off so we can have a bonfire. Tomorrow Harlan and Judy arrive, and we’re taking them to a bar to watch the US-England game. That should be interesting – not just because of the game, but to see their reactions to us watching it.

Happy weekend! And happy birthday to Colleen!!!!!!

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