it’s vuvuzela time

1) First, and most importantly, our auction is live!! You have from now til next Wednesday to bid, and then everything is coming to Memory Lanes for the bowling fundraiser. Check it out, because there’s some awesome stuff in there. Things I may want to outbid you on, even.

2) My car hit 666 miles last night and didn’t start on fire or put a curse on me. As far as I know, at least.

3) We made both homemade goat cheese and cherry bitters last night. The chevre was amazing on both roasted beets on the grill, and Matt’s burgers:

Even though the only garden-sourced item in the meal was the herbs that we used to roast beets, there’s still something about my farm that makes me want to make stuff all the time. It’s very gratifying. Next up: mozzarella! And more bitters. That’s a good business prospect, right there.

4) THE WORLD CUP STARTS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (insert ear-splitting vuvuzela sound effect here.)

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