two cakes!

This weekend contained two birthday celebrations. You can’t go wrong with that!

The first one was at Friday Night Meats, which went from 7pm til almost 3am. (Sorry, neighbors.) Missy made me birthday cake #1, too, which was really fruit and yogurt in layers to look like a cake. It was awesome.

Saturday, Matt’s parents arrived from South Dakota. We took them to the bar to watch USA-v-England, and were surprised to find a crowd of soccer fans even at our lowly Tailgate Bar and Grill on 62nd and Nicollet. After a pint of beer, Judy started cheering “FIFA!” because it kept scrolling across the screen during the broadcast. So funny.

We did some shopping after the game, then grilled dinner and ended the evening with a rousing game of dominoes. We were all dying of sleepiness by 10pm; possibly something to do with going to bed after 3 and then drinking beer starting at 1pm.

Sunday, we took them to their first Twins game at Target Field! On the way, we saw the naked First Avenue:

Stop freaking out, people. They’re repainting the stars! Here’s the first one:

We arrived at Target Field early enough to take them on a tour, including the most awesome table in the building: the corner on the balcony at Town Ball Tavern.

The game was uncharacteristically terrible, and it was clear the Twins had little chance of coming back from a many-run deficit. The two highlights were 1) no rain (pretty sure it was the only rain-free day in a week) and 2) seeing the back of Bobby Knight’s head:

My family came over after the game, and we grilled dinner. I got birthday cake #2, affectionately known as the brick!

Harlan and Judy brought us daisies from their yard, and my mom bought me a couple hollyhocks, so we spent some time planting after my family headed out. Our gardens are going to be pretty spectacular at some point.

And now I have to go listen to ITA-PAR on Univision, because hearing them say “Roque Santa Cruz” is going to be the absolute highlight of the game.

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