i hope he still calls it ‘OD’. 2

I sold my car yesterday, after a few weeks of answering calls and emails about it, then forgetting it was on the market. The buyer is awesome, and I’m really happy about how it worked out.

I’m going to miss my GTO. It was fast and loud and orange. It had 8 cylinders and 400 horsepower. People tried to race me on the highway all the time. I loved it.

What I decided after years of having pretty awesome cars, though, is that the future is way more important having a nice vehicle. That future, specifically, that involves moving to an island and owning our own business. So now I’ll drive a completely nonfancy car (whose main ‘feature’ will be air conditioning – that and a warranty are my only requirements) and I’ll have an extra $8-9k a year. That’s a pretty excellent tradeoff, I believe.

Feel free to race me in my new car. I guarantee you’ll win.

P.S. I realized yesterday that while I’ve been pulled over more than once in my Saab and Mini, I’ve never been stopped by a cop while driving the orange muscle car. That’s really strange, considering my respect for the speed limit.

2 thoughts on “i hope he still calls it ‘OD’.

  1. Reply aprilNo Gravatar May 3, 2010 3:39 pm

    Don’t despair; it’s not the car, it’s the driver.

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