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Happy birthday to Matt! It’s such a big day, he even posted on his blog. Whoa.

Those are the birthday cards he got from his parents and mine. Do you think they’ve been consulting? I’m kind of freaked out by the possibility.

I pre-bowled earlier this week so that we could go out to dinner tonight instead. We have reservations at Restaurant Alma, and I’m really excited about it. Mostly because the words ‘vegetarian’ and ‘cheese plate’ are both on their menu. That’s pretty much a guaranteed win.  Afterwards, we’re going to Town Talk, where others will join us for the celebration.

Tomorrow, we leave for Milwaukee with Missy, Joe, Wendy, Amelia, Chris and Meg. I like it when people ask why we’re going to Milwaukee, because the very short answer is “airfare to Vegas is way too high right now.” There’s more, but that’s all that really matters.

See you next week!

2 thoughts on “zombie mummies!

  1. Reply joNo Gravatar Feb 25, 2010 1:30 pm

    happy bd matt! have an excellent day.

    hey, if you have time when you’re in milwaukee, go to old world 3rd street and shop for spices at penzeys. i know we have penzeys here, but this is the mother ship, and you wouldn’t believe how wonderful it smells! think decades of grinding and mixing spices in the store. and they’re right across from usingers, which makes some of the best (jenni tune out now) sausage in the country. i shipped some to my folks in az a couple yrs ago for christmas. and then lunch or dinner at karl raasch’s. oh, and then drinks at the safe house!

    • Reply jenniNo Gravatar Feb 25, 2010 1:46 pm

      i didn’t know the original penzey’s was there!! i’d like to try to get there. we won’t have a car, but our friends will.

      I LOVE THE SAFE HOUSE. i can’t wait.

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