tong and the pizza tree

Reasons Milwaukee was way more awesome than anyone might expect:

  1. We were there with Chris, Meg, Missy, Joe, Wendy, and Amelia. We all got rooms at the Hyatt downtown for $40. Thanks, Priceline!
  2. The flight took 50 minutes and put me over the 25,000 mile marker on Delta. Matt and I now both have enough miles for another domestic roundtrip.
  3. We had dinner at AJ Bombers, where they deliver peanuts to your table via a bomb and a chute. Two days later, Matt and I wandered into the midst of a massive group of Twitter/Foursquare nerds and unlocked the swarm badge. We were just trying to watch the end of the hockey game.
  4. We met one of the most awesome bartenders/bar owners ever, at BarNone. We went there three times.
  5. After fancy cocktails at Bryant’s, Wendy and I made snow angels on a median, in the quarter inch of snow on the ground.
  6. We visited the original Penzey’s store, which smells amazing. And we witnessed a sausage house and a cheese bar that had cheese happy hour.
  7. We did the tour at Lakefront Brewery. For $6, you get the tour, four glasses of beer, a coupon for another free beer, and a pint glass. The employees there clearly love their jobs a lot. We got to reenact Laverne and Shirley, too.
  8. The place we went for lunch afterwards not only let us redeem our 8 beer coupons, but kept bringing us extra beer for free.
  9. We met a 14-year-old kid who was sitting on the floor of the elevator, riding around and texting. He called himself the elevator hobo. When he got bored with the elevator, we invited him to hang out with us. He showed us his car drawings, and was very disappointed when we left for the night.
  10. We drank in a castle. Kind of a crappy castle, but still.
  11. We revisited the Safe House, one of the greatest theme bars on earth. Meg wouldn’t let us tell her the password, so they made her do the Thriller dance in the lobby.At the Safe House, you get to keep the glassware:

    We ended up carrying an entire box full of all that stuff to yet another bar afterwards. None of it broke, because we are awesome.

    Oh, and of course we danced. They played the Cupid Shuffle twice.

  12. After everyone else headed back to Minneapolis, Matt and I walked the mile and a half up to Brady Street. We had brunch at an awesome place called HiHat, then did some shopping and further wandering. We ended up at Zaffiro’s, an extremely oldschool pizza place my parents used to visit. We watched the game and then barhopped our way back to the hotel in between periods.
  13. Stupid Canada.

So if you’re thinking that a city in the Midwest might not be a really fun place to spend a weekend in the dead of winter, you should reconsider. I’m glad we did.

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