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I’ll just type this quickly while waiting for SQL Server to install on one machine, and Visual SourceSafe to install on another. (AAAAAAGH!!!!)

Yesterday, I ordered seeds for our garden: beets, soybeans (aka edamame), corn, kale, radish, a bunch of lettuce, spinach, amaranth, pole beans, and swiss chard. Everything else will be purchased in plant-form, because I’m no good at indoor farming. So what I’m saying is that spring better get here in 3-4 business days, when my seeds are due to arrive.

The other reason I need spring to happen immediately:

That’s one of the better streets in our neighborhood. It’s like playing flat tire roulette every day.

This is my car’s current state. It’s not only filthy, but if you’re astute you’ll notice it’s missing the piece below the bumper that says “GTO” on it. Yep, that’s in my back seat, and I’m not going to bother fixing it til I know another snowbank/puddle combination isn’t going to knock it off. COME ON, SPRING.

…And here’s my new spring purse. How could I not get it, even though I have 57 purses already? It has seahorses.

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  1. Reply WendyNo Gravatar Feb 24, 2010 9:50 am

    You have the gayest purses of anyone I know, except I think they’re cute, so I don’t know what that says about me.

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