my hand hurts.

My letterpress class project is starting to look like something real!

Last night, I did a test print of the calendar to check the layout. Our instructor taught me how to use the really old press to do so, and it’s so much easier than the Vandercook: secure type with giant magnets, hand-ink, lay the paper on top, and roll the press over it. I made a few spacing adjustments and while it’s not perfect, it’s good enough for my first real project. (As a hardcore perfectionist, I know that I have the option of reworking something endlessly, or just calling it good and moving on.)

I then set to carving a linoleum block. The progress you see above took me about 2 hours; I worked til my hand couldn’t take it anymore. I’ll finish the rest at home, which means I should be able to start printing next week!

Afterward, I joined a big group of South Dakotans (I’ve been informed that two of them were not South Dakotans, but I’ll continue thinking of them as South Dakotans by proxy) at King’s Wine Bar for trivia. We won by three points, which is better than we’ve ever done. Yay!

Speaking of trivia, I added eleven more weekly events to the Twin Cities Trivia List. Two of them are on Saturday nights (which brings the Saturday total to three). I’m still in search of the elusive Friday night trivia!

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