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Guys! I’m very excited because I created this: a hopefully-exhaustive list of all the trivia nights in the Twin Cities. I’m hoping to contact the venues when I have time, and get more information about prizes, specials, and whatever else they want to include.

Now we will never have to wonder where to play trivia again, unless it’s Friday.

Things that happened yesterday:

  • Patina, Blackbird, and Heidi’s burnt down. It’s really sad, and I will miss those places a lot. Also, I almost had a panic attack when I started smelling fire. The scent of burning building is really distinctive (as opposed to, say, a campfire), and it still freaks me out so many years later*. (My sister just told me she has the same association with the smell of the hand soap we had in the apartment, because she washed her hands so many times while we were rushing our belongings out of the building before the floors started to collapse. Man.)
  • I finally got access to my 401k and new Roth IRA. It makes me embarrassingly excited to go look at that stuff. I’m so very glad to not have to do business with UBS ever again.
  • Our tickets to the Final Five arrived. Yeah, go ahead and kick me in my nonexistent nuts, WCHA. Do I list them on Craigslist now or wait out the inevitable?
  • I made these surfer squares to bring to bowling last night. It’s a recipe I’ve made at least 15 times in my life:

    They did NOT turn out. It made me really mad, because wasting my time and money is a surefire way to make me level 5 pissed. I’ve had a lot of trouble getting things to come out right lately, and I’m suspecting there’s an issue with the thermostat in the oven, since everything goes long. Or possibly the baking stone in there does something to the distribution of heat? I’m not sure. I do know that I’m going to be completely paranoid about baking for a while, as it’s something I’m generally really good at. Lame.

  • I started diverting more money to my new car account, and I’m on track to be able to sell mine and buy a new one with cash this spring. Yay! I should probably get OD fixed, too; there’s a big portion of his bumper currently riding in the backseat, due to a run-in with a foot-deep puddle a few weeks ago. Nothing seems to be damaged at all, it just needs to be reconnected. I’ll be damned if I’m laying in the street in these conditions, though.

Tonight we’re taking Joe to the Dragon. Why? Because he’s NEVER BEEN THERE. (Cue gasping.) Happy weekend!!!

* One huge benefit to having been in a fire? You make sure to always, always have good insurance coverage.

2 thoughts on “singing offkey and into your beer

  1. Reply joNo Gravatar Feb 22, 2010 1:37 pm

    oven thermometers are pretty cheap; that will let you check to see if the oven is heating up to temp. could very well be the baking stone, though, because that affects air circulation. maybe try the bars once w/o baking stone b4 getting a thermometer to hang in the oven. googled the bar recipe; sounds good!

    • Reply jenniNo Gravatar Feb 22, 2010 2:04 pm

      i’ve been using the oven thermometer, and it’s totally the baking stone! when i heated it up for foccaccia yesterday, it took almost 40 minutes to get to temperature. i took the stone out afterwards, and it behaves normally.

      WHEW! now i don’t have to be paranoid that i forgot my baking skills. i made oatmeal-raisin cookies for matt to take with him yesterday. totally trying those bars again soon.

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