an 85-degree temperature change.

We’re leaving for vacation tomorrow. The alarm will go off at 3am, I will want to die for a brief moment, and then it will be time to ready ourselves for the cab that’ll be there at 3:45. The driver better have the heat turned up, because I’m not bringing a coat.

Here’s our schedule!

Friday: arrive in Puerto Rico around 4pm, check into our hotel, wander around San Juan

Saturday: more San Juan, then a cab to the port. The ship leaves at 8pm.

Sunday: St Maarten/St Martin. See both countries and go to the beach!

Monday: Dominica. We’re taking a tour that will involve hiking, snorkeling, and a man named Mr Nice.

Tuesday: Grenada. Do a ton of shopping at the spice market and then go to the beach.

Wednesday: Tobago. Find a ride to Buccoo Reef and the Nylon Pool for snorkeling, then go see the hotel with all the birds.

Thursday: Barbados. Snorkel with sea turtles, visit the Mount Gay distillery, and shop like crazy. Have dinner at the fancy restaurant on the ship and go dancing.

Friday: Day at sea! Hopefully we can take some ridiculous class.

Saturday: Get off the boat at 7am and go hang out in San Juan again.

Sunday: Fly home. SIGH.

While we’re gone, I’d like to request no snow emergencies, a Gophers sweep, and peace and love for all mankind. That can all happen, right?

Keep an eye on Flickr; I’ll attempt to post some photos if I can. See you in a couple of Mondays!

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