I have a pile of fifty singles. I’m officially ready for the cruise.

I had go to two banks to get it. What kind of bank can’t come up with 50 ones? Was I supposed to go have it printed at the mint instead? Bizarre. (FYI, the singles are for tipping and such. You get especially excellent – instead of just plain excellent – service if you make a point of tipping over and above the included 15%. Also, most of the islands take USD and euros.)

The other night at bowling, I rolled a 219. That’s almost 100 pins over my average. With handicap, it’s 299. I have taken over the top spots on both the scratch and handicap leaderboard, and nobody better knock me off next week, because that’s when they hand out the cash prizes. I hope to at least win enough to buy a drink!

Last night, Matt, Stephanie and I shopped for our adopted Aliveness Project family: two parents, a boy aged 14, and a girl aged 11. We were pretty happy with the results; there’s a coat for dad, winter boots for mom, a set of sheets, a DVD player and three DVDs, a PSP game for the son, art supplies for the daughter, and hats and gloves for the kids. I wrapped everything up last night, so it’s all ready to go!

Tonight I’ll be baking approximately four million pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, placing them in bags of a dozen, and getting those ready to go as well. Wendy’s going to drop them off at the Aliveness Project next week!

I was panicking about not getting everything done before we go, but of course we’ll be fine. I realized this morning that if we don’t finish Christmas cards, we can work on them on the flight and send them from Puerto Rico. Who doesn’t want a Christmas card from Puerto Rico?

The first big snow of the season hit yesterday, too. Driving is slow but not as deadly as expected. I’m kind of glad to have a car that requires snow tires or I might never have known how incredibly awesome they are. There’s a snow emergency in Minneapolis that will not affect us much. Hoping winter gets this out of its system for a couple of weeks so that our friends don’t have to shovel for us while we’re gone!

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