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We got home at 2am last night and had to go to work today, so this is the most I can handle in terms of vacation recap at the moment! However, I think you will agree that it is awesome.

Here are my Project365 photos for each day of the trip.

leaving some history at el batey (345/365)

Friday: Nicky leaving a note at El Batey, the greatest bar in Puerto Rico (possibly the world)

guard tower in old san juan (346/365)

Saturday: touring Old San Juan

umbrellas (347/365)

Sunday: morning on the beach in Philipsburg, St Maarten

champagne reef (348/365)

Monday: Champagne Reef in Dominica

st george's, grenada (349/365)

Tuesday: St George’s, Grenada

nylon pool, tobago (350/365)

Wednesday: Nylon Pool in Tobago

silhouette (351/365)

Thursday: our neighbor watching the sunset over Barbados

northbound (352/365)

Friday: a full day at sea

christmas in the tropics (353/365)

Saturday: tropical holiday

tres banderas (354/365)

Sunday: tres banderas flying over San Cristobal

We visited beaches, waterfalls, hot springs, casinos, rainforests, a rum distillery, forts, and mountains. We got sunburnt, seasick, sore, and maybe sometimes a little bit drunk. (Just a little.) We brought back 20 different kinds of rum: 7 liters, waaay more than customs should have allowed. We met a hundred awesome people, and there are a few stories we can’t tell in public. I took over a thousand photos. That’s maybe going to take me some time.

Can I go back now? This snow and cold thing is for suckers.

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  1. Reply WillisNo Gravatar Dec 22, 2009 7:50 am

    Nice pictures! Excited to see the rest.

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