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I could probably write a million words about our awesomest work party ever, but I haven’t the time to do so. This should cover its greatness pretty well, though.

We all had to be checked into our fancy rooms at the Hotel Minneapolis and in the red room (a private side room in Restaurant Max) by 3pm. There, we had beers and appetizers, and my boss told us about our task for the evening: we were going to divide into three teams (two teams of seven, one of five), and have the amazing race. In limos.

We were to be given clues that would lead us to each of seven stops, and at each stop we had to get a picture of the entire team together. That meant a stranger had to take the photo; we could only use the limo driver once, and that would cause a time penalty. We all headed out to our limos, which we found fully stocked with beer, wine, and pop. Oh, and Mary ran to the office to kidnap our singing, dancing tree that we use to annoy each other. We knew that tree would be our secret weapon.

The stops we worked out along the way: the Basilica, the Metrodome, the Mary Tyler Moore statue on Nicollet Mall. We found people to take our picture at each stop. At Great Waters Brewing Company in St Paul, we were supposed to each get a beer with the money included with the clue. We got growlers to go instead, as we could drink out of champagne flutes in the limos. Oh, and they let us go behind the bar for our photo. Hell yes.

We took a photo posing as wrestlers in front of the governor’s mansion, then snuck into Landmark Center to get a pleading photo in one of the courtrooms on the four floor (on the advice of our driver). All the photos featured our christmas tree, of course.

The last stop for all the teams was the Mall of America. We met my boss and her husband at the carousel, where we all had to ride. After a bunch of beer, that was something.

matt on the carousel at the mall of america (339/365)

She gathered us all together, gave us envelopes, and told us to be back at the hotel by 8:45.  (It was maybe 6:30?) Inside the envelopes, we found the ‘who am I’ surveys we’d all filled out, and $300 cash. We had to figure out who the person was, and then spend all the money on them, down to the last cent.

Nate’s survey revealed that he loved cooking (especially breakfast) and entertaining, and being a great dad. Matt and I rushed up to Williams-Sonoma, where we found Glen working (I think he lives there, since I see him every time we go!). He helped us pick out a big stovetop griddle, and then we got a couple sets of wineglasses and various accessories. We then went to the toy store and got a pretty awesome Crayola easel for the kids. Our last stop was at Crave, where we bought a $75 gift card for them; with a newborn, a date night is probably in order. We were over budget by $1.18. WIN.

We met up with our team, found our limo, and hauled everything back downtown. We changed into fancy clothes, then met again in the red room. There was a photo printer and photo albums, which we were to use to assemble a scrapbook of all our pictures. Mary went to town on it, and it ended up amazing. She’d even cut out letters from all the clues to write a ransom note about how they weren’t getting the tree back unless we won. It was pretty great.

We had a huge dinner and about a million drinks while we each got up and presented the gifts to each other. After that, we had to pass around our photo albums, and everyone voted on which was most creative. Our team won $150 apiece for that honor! Oh, and then there were the bonus checks. Let’s just say it’s going to help my car fund a lot.

Then there were more drinks, including Patron shots, and it was time for Restaurant Max to close down. We changed into regular clothes again and went barhopping until closing time. Matt and I got up very close to check-out the next morning, and made the valet guy’s day because he got to drive my car.

And that’s the Christmas party, as fast as I can type it.

…I promise to stop back here before leaving for vacation on Friday!

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  1. Reply CrystalNo Gravatar Dec 8, 2009 4:08 pm

    Um…color me jealous. Seriously. I once planned a team-building event like this (without the money, limos, hotels and drinks part) and totally got shot down. At least it’s comforting to know adventurous and fun people do exist.

    • Reply jenniNo Gravatar Dec 9, 2009 8:36 am

      i remember having to plan parties and events at an old company, too. we’d do a ton of research and set up the most amazing activities, all within budget, and it would still just end up being a bunch of people crowded into a bar.

  2. Reply KimmyNo Gravatar Jan 4, 2010 7:12 pm

    Are you hiring? LOL

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