one last post about my garden, i swear.

I finished the emptying of the garden last night, except for the onions and lettuce that are still hanging on, and the herbs that will hopefully return next year. There are now bunches of herbs hanging in the basement (I’m going to leave the laundry room door open for our Halloween party; it looks like the Blair Witch Project in there), and a gigantic pile of parsley on the table. We thought about freezing the herbs, but they’re actually more useful to us dried. Oh, and I have 8 cups of lemongrass infusion in the fridge. It’s amazing stuff.

Then I made dinner. Indian food makes me so happy.

My mom called while I was preparing my mise en place (the main reason our dishwasher runs almost every day that we cook at home) to ask about my sister’s adventures in Canada, and then remembered to mention the fact that she’d left 4 peonies and some Siberian iris sitting in bags out in the front garden. Really glad she told me, or I’d have been very sad to find them frozen there this morning. Between those and the many tulip bulbs I have waiting for Sunday’s planting, that garden should have a good head start on next year. Now I just need to get me some mulch!

We’ll be out a lot this weekend, so I promise you won’t hear too much more about gardening. Tonight is the party to celebrate Missy’s “not dead day”; yes, she did actually die 8 years ago, but not very successfully. I’m very glad about that, as I’d have missed that much awesomeness.

Happy weekend, everybody!

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