i’m not done being outside yet.


This weekend was excellent. On Friday, we joined everyone at McMahon’s to celebrate Missy not being dead. There was pool, a game of darts, and ill-advised gambling.

Many of us ambled down to Town Talk to find they’d just closed, but they let us in anyway, and we all got free drinks. You can’t go wrong with that.

Saturday, I started my Christmas knitting. We planned to go to the neighborhood chili cookoff, but it was horrible outside. Instead, we hung out watching football until it was time for the US-Honduras game. We went to Sweetwater for that, as it was only viewable at one location in the entire state. Every other local soccer fan was there, and it was fantastic. We’re World Cup bound!!

Afterwards, Matt and I decided to go try the Barrio in St Paul. I’m not sure why I was under the mistaken notion that it might not be 100% crammed full of douches, but I was absolutely wrong. (Where do they come from???) We hightailed it to the Hat Trick Lounge lounge instead. Near there, Matt climbed on a cherry-picker.

On Sunday, his parents arrived to spend the night. They offered to help us plant the garden out front, so we put them right to work and got it done in record time. We pulled out bags full of ugly groundcover, then planted peonies and Siberian iris from my mom, and 70+ tulip and daffodil bulbs. We covered the whole thing with mulch, so it’s ready for winter. Oh, and we also hauled the outdoor furniture into the storage room and put everything else away. Right on time, as the yard is now covered in snow.

We grilled chicken, vegetables, and potatoes for dinner. I made bread, and Judy made a fruit salad. Then we hung out and watched the Twins choke their playoff run away. For all the complaining about the Yankees’ giant bankroll, it was more the Twins’ sloppiness that did them in. Bring on hockey season!

And no more snow for a while, please.

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