WE’RE BACK!! Ok, we’ve been back from Vegas since very late Monday night, but I’ve been insanely busy. Here’s some of what we did there:

1) had the best meal of my life at Fleur de Lys

2) went to some amazing bars, including one with a firepit in the middle of a fountain

3) celebrated Kate’s 30th birthday

4) stayed for free, courtesy of our landlord

5) had amazing gambling luck for 2 days, and not-so-great luck the last day

6) went to the strip club and made use of some singles

7) met April and Kara for a fantastic brunch at Mesa Grill

8) fell in love with Pai Gow (even more than blackjack!)

9) walked about a billion miles in almost-100-degree heat

10) won some free money from the Hooters Casino

11) swing-danced to Stevie Ray Vaughn in the plaza at the Hawaiian Marketplace before heading to the airport

12) had my foot problem magically and unexpectedly cured

13) partook in the legendary dollar margaritas at Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall (the trick is to drink the Sauza off the top and throw the rest out), while listening to Journey

14) was on a flight with Gary Spivey

15) covered a lot of ground: Planet Hollywood, Paris, Bally’s, Mandalay Bay, New York – New York, MGM Grand, Hooters, Flamingo, Caesar’s Palace, Treasure Island, Venetian, Palazzo, O’Shea’s, Sahara, Binion’s, Stratosphere, Harrah’s.

I’m working on photos and will hopefully be done soon. Here’s most of them, though!

More after I unbury myself from my mountains of work. Happy almost-weekend!

5 thoughts on “VIVA.

  1. Reply WendyNo Gravatar Sep 24, 2009 9:34 am

    You totally should have talked to Gary Spivey. Then you would have known when you could have taken the picture of the leprechaun at O’Shea’s.

    • Reply jenniNo Gravatar Sep 24, 2009 9:35 am

      the dude behind us on the plane yelled, “hey gary, am i going to win big?” gary answered, “only if you don’t gamble!” hahaha.

      he was totally going to be at hooters this weekend.

  2. Reply DanNo Gravatar Oct 1, 2009 1:55 pm

    Holy shit! Is that who that dude with the big ‘fro is/was? We saw him somewhere there. Outbound airport maybe? I dunno for certain. BUT GODDAMN WHAT AN AWESOME HONKYFRO.

  3. Reply DanNo Gravatar Oct 1, 2009 1:56 pm


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