We bought a TV!

I know that for 95% of Americans, this is something that happens every 3 months, and then you pile up the old ones in the basement, because god forbid hobos get their dirty hands on them. But for me… well, I’m pretty sure it’s the first TV I’ve actually purchased in my life. I didn’t have one for 5 years, and since then I’ve been totally mooching off Matt for my Survivor fix.

Anyway. We decided several months ago that we wanted an awesome TV like bars had, for the primary purpose of sports-watching. HD sports is second only in excitement to being there. I calculated that if we each put in $35 a paycheck, we’d have enough to buy a nice TV by hockey season.

It worked out well. We ended up picking a 42″ LG, based on specs and reviews and 40,000 Google searches. I found a coupon that made it over $200 cheaper than other sites were selling it for, with free shipping and no sales tax. I used a link through ebates, so we’ll get $15 back. Then I transferred the money for it to my credit card, and paid with that, so I get the cashback reward. There’s nothing I love more than exploiting the hell out of a good deal.

It should be here sometime next week. If you hear shrieking from south Minneapolis, that’s because I caught a glimpse of, say, Pau Gasol in true-to-life detail.

P.S. I really dislike talking about TV, but seriously: last night’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia had me falling off the couch in hysterics. I love it.

P.P.S. My Vegas pictures are up!!

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