ski-u-mah, now with sky!

TCF Bank Stadium? It’s fantastic. We managed to drop over a hundred bucks at the Goldy store, have dinner at Big Ten, then return to the Gophers’ new stadium just in time to get inside the place with my parents and sister.

The gates were open for the veterans’ memorial dedication ceremony, which involved a flyover. Both the press release and the event’s speaker told us there would be three planes, but apparently one of them got lost.

I don’t follow Gophers football that closely (there’s a Gophers team far nearer and dearer to me, obviously), but there’s something to be said for a shiny new stadium. It’s a big deal. Between that and Target Field, it’s a pretty great time to be a sports fan in Minnesota.

On Saturday, we had our yard sale. I couldn’t sleep past 6am because I was stressing about having room for all the stuff, since Leslie and Dan were joining us. We managed just fine, though; the yard was full, and we even had to put things on the boulevard. Not only was there was more business than I expected, but it ended up being the perfect day to hang out in the yard.

We spent much of the rest of the weekend doing house-things, which was awesome except for my foot issue. It started bothering me a couple weeks ago, and I think all the standing-around-cooking barefoot (no jokes, please) didn’t help things at all. By the end of the day, I was limping like crazy.

Last night on the way to the Twins’ game was the worst of it. I figured I’d be able to limp my way to the dome; I did, but to my massive distress. We got an inning in before I decided I’d better go to urgent care and see what was wrong. There was no way I’d be able to even limp around Vegas in that condition, much less walk.

We had to wait for an hour, but the doctor was awesome. It’s some kind of inflammation (probably metatarsalgia) similar to problems I’ve had before while training for the 3-Day. He gave me anti-inflammatories, which are basically a really strong version of ibuprofin. Since I’d told him we were going to Vegas on Friday, he also instructed me on the safest way to take the medication and still be able to drink. The goal is to not forget I’m injured and mess it up further. I will do my best!

In the meantime I’m supposed to avoid walking as much as possible. Do you have any idea how much that sucks? Just the idea of having to sit still is driving me crazy.

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