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Last camping trip of the year. We’ll see you next Memorial Day, Wisconsin!

I’ll be happy to never encounter that guy again. We named him Stanley, after he divebombed me and I freaked out. Apparently he eats trees and grows to giant proportions.

Wendy, Matt, and I visited the fish hatchery. Wendy said, “This is going to be the most anticlimactic thing we’ve ever done!” Surprisingly, she was wrong. It was pretty interesting, and chock-full-o’-trout.

Don’t mess with that green dude. Seriously.

We did a lot of card-playing. A lot. My ass hurt from the picnic table after a while, so then we danced. Wendy loves The Boss.

Willis just loves cookware.

We all decided to stay til it got dark on Sunday, then head out. That meant we could have all of Labor Day to do nothing. That was an excellent plan.

Here’s most of the harvest from the garden! I made salsa and pico de gallo. I strung up the extra peppers to dry, and chopped up and froze carrots for a future soup. Matt made two kinds of hot sauce with the habaneros. Then we washed our hands 400 times apiece, and were still being burnt by peppers. Next time we’ll wear gloves.

We played tennis and shopped at REI. Then I made baguettes, and we grilled. The perfect Labo(u)r Day.

This weekend, we’re having a yard sale with some friends. We spent part of last night hauling all the stuff up from the basement (it’s all things I collected in the five-a-day challenge). We priced everything and put it out in the porch so it’s ready to go bright and early Saturday morning!

In other news, we’re going to Vegas in nine days. I really need to brush up on my blackjack skills. Anybody know how to play craps?

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