goals: accomplished.

Here’s what I brought home from the fair yesterday:

This was for Girasole, of course. I’m pretty pleased with the whole thing! I was worried about my half-assed blocking job (it’s so big it hangs off the sides of the queen-sized guest bed), but I guess that wasn’t a problem. HOORAY!

I finished Infinite Jest last night. Overall I liked the book quite a bit, though it did some damage to my primarily-upbeat psyche; the degree of interpersonal cruelty and emotional vacancy bothered me to the point that I had nightmares. I’m really glad I read it, though, and to Infinite Summer goes all the credit.

Tonight we’re going to check out TCF Bank Stadium, the day before the first official Gophers game. I can’t tell you how excited I am about that. Then tomorrow we’ll be up bright and early for our yard sale! There are five of us involved, plus a bunch of stuff from my family, so hopefully it all sells by 10am and then we can sit around in the yard all day. I can dream, right?

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