1 – 2 – 3 – BREAK 2

We went back to the fair on Wednesday. I do believe that visiting the fair twice is the way to go!

I have this thing about animals (shut up, not that way) that’s gotten worse and worse in the past few years. It may have had to do with getting rid of my cats. I don’t regret that for a second; I’m really happy with how it worked out, and I hated the fact that I sometimes resented having to take care of them. Or maybe it’s some misdirected motherly thing, since I’ve never ever had the physical urge to reproduce. I don’t even want to own animals, I just want hang out with them sometimes and let them be cute and happy.

I can’t even look at things like dead birds anymore, because it makes me cry. Also, a neighborhood cat came to say hi to us when we got home last night. He was the friendliest thing, and I had to force myself to not worry that he wouldn’t find his way home.

I have no idea where that comes from. Maybe that’s what happens after you’ve been vegetarian for a while. It’s weird.

I went on the giant slide for the first time in my life! I never thought a slide could be worth two bucks, but it was.

We met Katie’s parents. I think she was embarrassed, but Matt and I just thought it was amazing how much her mom was like his.

I got to show Bill and Katie my winning blanket! I get to go pick up my prize on Wednesday. It’s a whole two dollars, I think. Like they’re paying me back for the giant slide!

We saw Trombone Shorty at the Leinie’s Lodge. It was seriously one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. I really hope we’ll see him in New Orleans; since we’re there during JazzFest (not intentionally, but a highly awesome coincidence), I suspect that may happen.

Last night, we bowled with a few people to make sure our skills were still up to speed. I was pleasantly surprised to not be as terrible as I expected. My average was around 118, higher than I actually want it to be for the start of leagues. Since Matt and I will be in Vegas for the first week, we’re pre-bowling. I may have to accidentally roll some gutter balls. What?

At promptly 3pm today, I’m going to run out of work, hop in my car, and speed home. There, I will load the cooler, water the garden, and then we’ll be off to Interstate for our third camping trip of the summer. That’s 50% more camping than usual! BONUS CAMPING = WIN.

Have an excellent Labo(u*)r Day! See you next week.

*For all you Canadians. Namely Jumi.

2 thoughts on “1 – 2 – 3 – BREAK

  1. Reply heyjoNo Gravatar Sep 4, 2009 7:27 pm

    The next-to-last picture looks very much like honey/sunflower ice cream, one of the best foods at the fair! (Also great—pineapple on a stick: an icy cold wedge of fresh pineapple on a stick with no embellishment.)

  2. Reply gwenNo Gravatar Sep 4, 2009 11:23 pm

    that blue-eyed goose thing is terrifying.

    i haven’t been on a giant slide since i was a kid. at the state fair here!

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