vacation logic is awesome.

Last night, we went to the Minneapolis police bike auction, which is conveniently very near our house. I had visions of piles of stolen bikes and an auctioneer that talks so fast you can’t understand him, and I was not far off. There were actually 120 stolen bikes, about 150 people there bidding on them, and the auctioneer was a lady.

Oh my god, it was great. I expected to be there forever, but we were out the door with Matt’s new bike 45 minutes after the auction started. Win!! Now I need to find my air pump and we’re set.

We went to Town Hall for dinner, then over to Bradstreet for cocktails. Bradstreet was as great as always. We learned some new things from the bartenders, and sampled items like Campari, Aperol, and the drinks they were testing out for the Bombay Sapphire cocktail contest. You have to love a place that gives you almost as much free as what you’re paying for. Also, they’re drink geniuses.

In other news, we’ve been talking about using our frequent flyer miles for a trip this spring. The rationale went something like this:

1) We can’t visit the Caribbean again til we go to Europe, or we’ll never get there.

2) We can’t go to Europe next spring, because that’ll be a big vacation following too soon after the cruise in December.

3) Hey, we should go to Europe in the fall instead!

4) But wait… then what will we do in the spring? We always take a trip in the spring!

Therefore, it looks like we’re going to New Orleans for a whole $20. The weekend we’re looking at also happens to be Jazz Fest. How amazing would that be? We’ll discuss further over the weekend, and hopefully commit on Sunday. Those 25,000-mile trips aren’t easy to come by.

Have a great weekend! And don’t forget the Dragon Festival!

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