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Last night, I made this:

I saw the recipe posted a couple days ago, and knew we had to try it. I did just get 500 pounds of flour at Costco, after all.

I’m still not that comfortable with using the dough hook in the stand mixer; I’ve made bread twice now, and I can never tell when the dough is right. It seems too dense, and I worry whether it’ll rise (it does, and the bread still ends up fairly dense, but in a pleasing way). Anyone have experience with making bread in the KitchenAid?

We made homemade butter, too. It’s so easy, I’m not sure why we wouldn’t just do that all the time. Organic cream is still way cheaper than organic butter.

I want to describe the moment when the solids and liquids separate, but there’s no way to do it without making it sound really dirty. Just be assured that it’s awesome.

Matt’s goal is to do Michael Ruhlman’s BLT Challenge this summer, where you make an entire BLT from scratch.

From scratch means: You grow your tomato, you grow your lettuce, you cure your own bacon or pancetta, you bake your own bread (wild yeast preferred and gets higher marks but is not required), you make your own mayo.  All other embellishments, creative interpretations of the BLT welcome.

We’ll be good for tomatoes within a few weeks, and I should be able to replant lettuce around August first. I plan to make this bread again, using the amaranth seeds I’ll harvest from the garden, too. Matt’s in charge of making the bacon, obviously. I’m trying not to think about meat hanging somewhere in our house.

Wait til I invent homemade vegetarian bacon. I could probably whip up something awesome involving seitan and liquid smoke.

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  1. Reply cheleNo Gravatar Jul 9, 2009 10:19 am

    I do my wheat bread in the stand mixer.
    Well, now that just sounds dirty, doesn’t it.

    Let me try that again.
    I use the stand mixer to do most of the kneading when I make wheat bread. The key is to just let the hook do its thing! Just play with it a few times to see what the right timing is. I let mine run for about 5 minutes, then I take it out and knead it a little bit by hand – maybe 2 or 3 turns. But literally, that’s it.. and it’s turned out every single time.

    Now that I’ve figured that all out, I make bread a lot more often. How do you make homemade butter??? I’ve been dying to try that.

    • Reply jenniNo Gravatar Jul 9, 2009 10:26 am

      i ran it for about 5 minutes, too! i was worried because the dough started coming up out of the bowl, so the top of the dough hook was catching on it and slowing the mixer down. not sure what that’s about, but it seemed to come out fine!

      all you do is put a pint of heavy cream in a cold bowl (just like you’d do for whipped cream) and beat it on medium til the buttermilk comes out. it takes maybe 10 minutes. it goes past whipped cream, and will all of a sudden start clumping up and release the buttermilk. if you have a splash guard, use it!

      they recommend squeezing out the rest of the buttermilk with cheesecloth but i didn’t have any. i just drained it off, then balled up the butter in my hands (wait, is that dirty too?) and squeezed it.

      you can add salt to the cream at the beginning, too! we did about 2/3tsp, but it could use a little more.

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