someone please fix the terrible 80s-rock playlist in my head.

It turned to summer yesterday. Just for one day, but it was enough. I watered the grass seed (after discovering that we have a sprinkler that will water not just our yard, but almost the entire block), found spinach sprouting in my garden (if I catch a bunny near it, there will be hell to pay), and sat out on the patio, knitting. It was glorious.

Later, we met Missy and Joe on the patio at El Paraiso. I kind of want to keep that place a secret, though, because nobody knows about it, and the patio is never crowded. Also, awesome margaritas and veggie tacos.

I’m trying to restrain myself as much as possible, but OH MY GOD, Missy and Joe are so cute it hurts. I love that they found each other. And I hope Missy reads this and turns bright red, just like she always does when you mention them. It’s hilarious.

Tonight we’re meeting a bunch of people for Kris’ birthday: Rock Bottom, comedy show at the Pantages, and the promise of the Otter. Oh, the Otter. Between that and the fact that I keep getting my flipflop wedged under the clutch when I shift, I know for sure it’s springtime.

And tomorrow? COLLEEN ARRIVES. There will be a party. And then there will be much else in the way of awesome. Count on it.

Have the best weekend ever! I plan to myself.

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