In case you were blind, deaf, and buried in a hole in the earth yesterday: it snowed in Minnesota. A lot!

I made fun of the weather reports all day, right up until the time my boss came running in around 1:30 and told us all to go home or else. I set foot outside, and was instantly aware of just how much it sucked.

The front window of my car was re-covered with snow by the time I finished brushing off the back. Cars were creeping down Portland like it was slow-motion rush hour at 2pm. My windshield wipers froze halfway home, and I could barely see to turn off onto a side street and clean them off. Cars and buses were stuck in intersections. I panicked because I found myself in a dead end, only to realize the street kept going; it was just a white-out. There was a huge semi truck stuck on the exit ramp onto Diamond Lake, blocking all the cars trying to turn there. I finally ended up behind a snow plow on 54th, and couldn’t have been happier about that.

Our bowling team decided not to go; we learned later that about 75% of the bowlers were gone, including the entire team we were scheduled to bowl. Win! (Ok, well, split! Still.) Matt and I shoveled the heaviest snow of the season, then spent the night cleaning the house, catching up on TV, and I worked on Girasole some more. I’m about halfway through the edging, as far as I can tell. It looks amazing, but I can’t get a decent picture of it yet!

This morning, my car got stuck in the snow pile that the plow left in our driveway. Matt helped me shovel it out. I can’t wait to go home and dig the rest of the driveway out. No, really.

In weather-times like these, I find that it helps to have pictures of Jamaica.

Have a great weekend, and GO GOPHERS!

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