it’s money cologne’s birthday, too.

Happy 30th birthday to Matt, my most favoritest boy in the entire universe. Despite all the ‘old’ jokes he’s gotten today, I can say with assurance that things only get better in your thirties.

The return from vacation has been pleasantly quiet. We’re unpacked, laundered, and I’m making progress on photos. This is my favorite so far:

I’ve gotten a lot of knitting done while we caught up on TV-viewing, too. I made Eric item #2 for this project (April, you’re up next!), and I’ve picked up Girasole again, now that more yarn has arrived. As I finished the body of the blanket, I timed the last round: 30 minutes exactly. Holy crap. Then I started the lace edging, which is worked perpendicular to the rest of the blanket, and made me really nervous, lest I screw it up in some disastrous way. But no, the pattern is excellent, and I’ve bound off about a foot of blanket so far. I’m pretty sure this thing is going to be gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Tonight we’re going to pub quiz at Merlin’s Rest with some people to begin the birthday festivities (the main event is on Friday after the hockey game). I’m bringing the New York cheesecake I made last night, and it will follow us everywhere til it’s completely gone. Something tells me that may not be a problem.

Happy birthday, baby!

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