spin your head!

This weekend ruled.


1) Matt, Stephanie, Wendy and I had our usual pre-game festivities, then headed to Mariucci Arena for the last time this season (*sniff*). The Gophers tied with Duluth, which is far preferable to the way things have been going lately. We were fine with that, even though I was shaking for the last 20 minutes of the game. Maybe a little too intense about hockey.

Goldy gave us a private head-spinning. If you don’t know what that means, you should go to a game sometime.

2) We had Matt’s official birthday party #2 at the Northeast Palace. The boys sang karaoke. Many people bought Matt shots, and that gave me no end of amusement when we got home later.

3) Saturday afternoon, I baked cupcakes for a shower the next day. They’re very complicated, but get rave reviews.

baby shower cupcakes (60/365)

4) Round about 6:30, we headed to First Ave for the P.O.S. show. Things weren’t really happening yet, and because it was an all-ages show, going to the bar upstairs was a pain in the ass. We went over to NBA City for happy hour instead. They had 2-for-1s til 7, an awesome bartender, and the Gophers game on TV. We saw about half of it, then headed back to First Ave.

5) We managed to get up near the front along the side where the artists hang out. Wendy almost walked right into P.O.S. without realizing it. We saw Sims and Mictlan (Slow Burn is one of my favorite Doomtree songs ever), then P.O.S. came on. It was fantastic. That whole crew always has such great energy. If only Minnesotans would stop being so scared to dance.

Oh, and the Gophers won!!

6) Matt, Wendy and I went to get food at Rock Bottom, then Matt and I went over to the Chambers for drinks. We headed upstairs to the Red White and Fucking Blue Bar, and found it chock-full of suburban cokeheads, awkwardly dancing to eurocrap. (If you think I’m overgeneralizing, I invite you to stop by there on a weekend evening around midnight and see for yourself.) We went downstairs to the main bar instead, which was delightfully quiet. There we met the bartender, Jake, who swore he remembered us. Impressive, since we haven’t been there in a long time. We loved him and apparently he loved us back, because our should’ve-been-close-to-$100 tab came to $24. WIN. That place is awesome.

7) Sunday, we went to Christa’s baby shower at Klein’s house. To say it was informal is an understatement; we spent half the day on the couch, giggling and watching dumb movies, then the rest of the night playing poker. I put in $20, and ended up with $20.50. At least it wasn’t a loss, right?

pete eating bacon bits on a crescent roll

Pete ate a sandwich made of a crescent roll and bacon bits, made of bacon and picnic bacon. Yes, they’re different. Gag.

8) I’m very sleepy today. And I forgot my gym bag, which I guess means I’m committed to laziness tonight. I’m OK with that. I’ll make up for it by doing some crazy housecleaning.

Happy Spring!!

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