better dead than red!

You know what’s depressing? How ridiculously well my work-IRA is outperforming the S&P. And that’s because there’s $6,000 sitting in the cash account. (Never fear: the minimum purchase for the fund my investment guy wants to get into is $5k. That’s why it’s sitting there.) Come on, market! You can recover! Someday!

You know what’s not depressing? Everything else. Last night, we took two out of three games at bowling, and I was back above my average. Then we went and swept trivia again, which brings us to a total of $300 cash that we’ve won in the past three weeks.

Tonight is the Gophers-Badgers game. We decided to stay home and watch it, since Matt’s still trying to beat the sickness, and that allows us to further stockpile cash for vacation. Tomorrow night, we’re going to the game, and then to a party. Sunday, I’m hoping to spend much of the day on the couch, chillin’. It’s our last Sunday at home for a while, after all.

Hope you have a spectacular weekend, amigos mios. It’s looking a little like spring!

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