i have nose hoboes.

So, there was the matter of the 2-week cold, and the fact that remnants are still lingering in my sinuses, uninvited. However, my energy started returning somewhere around the end of last week, and that was enough to make me feel human again. I missed the gym.

Now Matt’s started to feel the same way. He stayed home Tuesday, and while I did embarrassingly domestic things like the laundry and a jigsaw puzzle, he kept passing out on the couch. Poor boy! He hardly ever gets sick.

GOAL PRIMERO: Get better before vacation. We have ten days. We can do it. And if we don’t, some overproof rum will surely kill any remaining germs.

Last night was date night! We had dinner at Pepitos, and saw Milk at the Parkway. I really wanted to see it before it left theaters that also offer margaritas and love seats, and I’m very glad we managed to do so. It was excellent, even though my throat killed me the rest of the night from trying not to sob loudly at the end.

Tonight is bowling. I’d worry that the painful spot on my thumb where the skin is split from dryness would hamper my performance, but I’m pretty sure it can’t get any worse. It may even be the secret to my success!

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