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I don’t know if you know this or not, but tonight is HOCKEY. The Gophers are finally back at Mariucci Arena, and of course we will be there.

Yesterday, we went to the Savers on Lake Street to hopefully find the last (and most important) piece of Matt’s Halloween costume. I turned into an aisle, and there is was, perfect and just waiting to be found. Resplendent in our victorious glory, we went over to Midtown to shop and get us some dinner.

At the awesome Asian market (the one with every kind of Pocky), I found giant straws and tapioca pearls. I decided that I would figure out how to make my very own bubble tea, sans sugar-laden powdered mix. [Note: there are very rarely times where I regret not being able to eat sugar; bubble tea and cafe su da are two of the things that make me miss it.] I’m very excited to experiment, because it’s going to be HELLA REFRESCADO.

Also, as you can probably tell from the sidebar over there –>, I got my new camera yesterday. I was in severe withdrawal, dudes. It’s fancy and I don’t know how to use half the buttons yet, but I do know enough to press the button when people are doing embarrassing things, so look out.

Anyway, while we were dining on the ottoman, which was conveniently docked at the couch, we were watching some sports. And not to plagiarize myself word-for-word from my livejournal or anything, but the thing about sports is:

the Wild lost, the Rockies lost, the Vikings suck, Gophers football sucks, the lacrosse season is cancelled, the Timberwolves don’t have KG anymore, the Twins didn’t make the playoffs, and soccer is over.

This is why we have Gophers hockey.


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