the whole and not the half of it

Feliz lunes, hombres.

Jueves feels like a very long time ago! Here are some things that happened since then:

  1. Grumpy’s for the traditional pregame dinner.
  2. HOCKEY; in which our heroes won, and looked good doing so.
  3. Lyrics Born at Foundation: I love Lyrics Born, I love the preshow DJ, and I love Foundation. A lot.
  4. Day off. Best idea ever.
  5. Brunch with Wendy and Cindi at Hell’s Kitchen, followed by pumpkin-bread-baking.
  6. Triumphant return to the gym, after which I had so much energy I didn’t know what to do.
  7. Shower, changing, cleaning, and dishes all in the 20 minutes it took Matt to get home. I met him at the door with a manhattan, because I am awesome.
  8. Rock Bottom for dinner; We always forget it exists, and it’s good!
  9. Pre-season Timberwolves game, for free, and they even won just for us.
  10. NBA City, where the ballers go to sip on yac.
  11. Gameworks, because Matt has never seen me play DDR. I fear I may have become readdicted. I love it. Also, zombies.
  12. We said bye to Cindi and Wendy and spent the rest of the evening at cokehead Halloween at Temple. It was spectacular! Where did those people come from??
  13. Jersey’s in almost-Wisconsin. The band was fantastic. Their featured beverage is the aptly-named Trainwreck. Someone threw up more than once. Someone else had to pick up their car the next morning. Neither of those people were me or Matt, so I consider the night a success. Also, there’s a photo of our server’s cleavage on my phone.
  14. Quantities of hanging out yesterday after the Vikings game. I made bubble tea and I think Matt was a little afraid. Who doesn’t enjoy a chewy beverage every now and again?

There’s this huge discussion on Ravelry today where it was suggested that maybe some knitters were getting divorced because they spend so much time knitting and blogging about knitting that they abandoned their husbands. It’s kind of the funniest thing ever, if it weren’t for all the posts from people indicating they might not have the healthiest relationships. Holy crap.

Tomorrow, Wendy and I are going to a class where they give us knives. If you don’t hear from me again, you can probably draw some conclusion from this.


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