it’s a little farther than cleveland.

There are two things that, in general, people do not like hearing about at all*:

1) How you’re madly in love
2) That awesome vacation you’re planning

I have learned this over and over, but it hasn’t stopped me yet. Anyway, I can’t talk about that awesome vacation til I tell Matt about it on his birthday! Right now he thinks we’re going to Cleveland. Or at least he’s playing along.

So, the flu is still clinging desperately to my lungs and ears, but it will not win. I feel like crap after 9pm every night, and I’m crabby that I still can’t go to the gym (wheezing is frowned-upon at Snap Fitness), but mostly it’s receding. I feel bad for the 85% of my compatriots who are only now getting it. Sorry, dudes.

Tuesday night, Matt and I had dinner at the Bulldog (I had a veggie dog and a margarita… only I could be as thrilled about that as I was), went to the extremely difficult pub quiz at Keegans (we missed Marty, because Terry’s questions are brutal), and then hung out at the Times for a bit before going home to take care of some very important business on the living room floor. Last night, we went to Bachmans for one of those bulb gardens I get every year (I actually went for succulents, but they only had cacti), got carryout at Morelos, and came home to have some extremely satisfying chillaxation. I was sitting there trying to figure out why I was so excited to be flopped on the couch, and then I realized it’s due to the fact that, during the flu, I was sitting there exhausted, counting the hours til I could try to sleep again. Relaxation by choice is far more pleasurable.

We went downstairs in our pajama pants around 9pm to check out the eclipse, then returned to the Lakers-Suns game. Which, holy crap.

Tonight begins the several-day celebration emcompassing Matt’s birthday. You should all come out and wish him a good one.

Happy almost-weekend!

*The only people who like hearing about these things are people who are also madly in love, or also going on an awesome vacation.

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