let me see your hips SWAAANG 1

So, the Gay 90s last night.


1. There are beds in the Annex. We jumped on them too excitedly, before we realized they were apparently wooden boxes with Ikea linens on top. Ouch.

2. Gertrude, Wendy’s favorite (and at the same time, most-hated) bartender was working.

3. We came home with three coconut-shaped shotglasses with the Malibu logo on them. Score!


1. The naked lady machine doesn’t have naked ladies on it.

2. THERE WAS NO ONE THERE. Like, nobody. The dance floors were all empty. Yeah, it was kind of crappy outside, but that’s even more reason to go dance your ass off in a loud, sweaty room.

So we bailed on the 90s, and Matt and I went to Get Cryphy at the First Ave VIP room. Holy crap, was that spectacular. I think we need Jimmy2Times as our own personal DJ. That dude’s killed it every time we’ve seen him.

In other news, No-Coast was a win. I got Colleen’s present, Adam Turman’s new Twin Cities calendar, and a little Minnesota-shaped ornament for our tree. And, man, was Midtown crowded. I’m glad we went last night, because I’m guessing it’s even crazier today.

Time for Friendsgiving!

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  1. Reply WendyNo Gravatar Dec 7, 2008 7:57 am

    I just listened to some things on his MySpace page and holy crap! He IS super awesome! Jimmy2Times, that is…

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