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This weekend in pictures:

$2.99 margaritas!



girls night!

my first pattern on ravelry!

It was awesome. And I suppose there were more details, like that I went to a conference in Shakopee where Mary was presenting our software, that we went from there to a Mexican place in Savage, then my friends accumulated at various happy hours around the land, and that Wendy and I almost got beaten up in the bathroom in St Louis Park. Oh, and there was girls’ night at the 90s on Saturday, which was probably the best ever, and we’re still laughing about. Then on Sunday how we had brunch at Triple Rock and then saw 21, which was not as awesome as the book (partly because I read it on the cruise before going to play blackjack), but still made me want to go to Vegas really badly.

We should maybe work on that August trip, huh?

Last night was dedicated to hanging out, eating leftovers, watching the NCAA basketball championship, and painting my toenails gold, because this weekend it was flipflop weather, and a return to that cannot be far away. If nothing else, we’re going to be on a beach in Mexico in a month.

Hell yes!

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