To my Coworkers:

Hi. We’ve been talking a lot lately, huh? Are you paying attention? I have more to say.

Yesterday was Sandra’s birthday. Yes, the receptionist, the one always has something friendly to say to everyone, which is more than the rest of us can manage. The one who makes sure you have a fully-stocked fridge, coffee all day long, and cleans up after your lazy asses when you can’t be bothered to put your mug in the dishwasher. You know Sandra.

I realized the other day that no one had scheduled the usual birthday lunch for her, so I emailed all of you and invited you to celebrate. A few of you made excuses, but no one else even bothered to respond. I brought in a card and made all of you sign it, which you did with grim acquiescence. Dave and I took her out to lunch, and we had a really good time. I’m kind of glad you couldn’t make it, actually.

So, pardon my unpopular opinion, but your attitude fucking sucks. It’s bad, like reflects-poorly-on-you-as-a-person bad. And I understand your apathy completely. I know the company is falling apart, and we all wander around dreading the imminent end. But, if anything, that obligates us more to the people we work with, who have been in it with us since the beginning. Just because we’re unhappy about our jobs doesn’t mean we have to devolve.


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