we only slept til 11:30, too.

Miguel’s second birthday was on Sunday. My lease expires tomorrow. My one-year anniversary as an employee is on Thursday. Clearly, this is a decision-making time of year for me.

This year, I think my main resolution has been to totally revamp my personal finances and get on top of some of the stuff I’d been lazy about*, like paying off debt and saving a ton of money so I can have my car encrusted in platinum and diamonds when I retire in a few years. Then we’ll drive as far as we can in the general direction of the Caribbean, open the awesomest bar on earth, and spend some time in a hammock every single day. This, I believe, is entirely realistic. Right? Right.

The last weekend was positively taxing.

  • I used too many ice cubes and my margarita got a little too cold.
  • We only got to do the Cupid Shuffle once while playing darts.
  • The orange in my chocolate-orange scones could’ve been a little stronger.
  • I got some snow in my coat when I threw a snowball at Wendy inside the car.
  • My feet got a little chilly when I fell asleep on Matt’s lap on the couch.
  • Rockfist only played 4 Journey songs instead of 5.
  • Some days, there was only one NHL playoff game instead of two.

LIFE IS SO HARD. Also, that’s our new favorite game: Matt and I sit around trying to come up with things to complain about, and then we laugh our asses off.

So, I have a goal, and I think it is achievable. In the past couple months, I’ve had the killer mutant flu from hell, two sinus infections, and I’ve pulled a muscle in my back. The thing that annoys me most about things like that is when they prevent me from visiting the gym, because the gym is one of the happiest places on earth, even when they’re showing Fox News. (It’s easily ignored.) So my goal is to stay healthy for a while, dammit. I’m out of vitamins right now! I need to fix that.

Speaking of life being hard, we’re going to Puerto Vallarta in 11 days. I can’t promise we’ll be coming back.


*I’ve loved me some Quicken for many many years, but Mint is my new favorite website ever. It still needs some work, but it’s fantastic.

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