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GUYS. I’ve been super-busy. I haven’t posted in 8 days! I don’t see that letting up anytime soon, so what you get is dangerously freeform:

There was poker night wearing funny hats (I lost to Matt, but it was veryvery close), bocce at Lake Calhoun followed by happy hour at Lyle’s, dancing at Jitters, buying the entire Mall of America, chillin’ on the patio at Suzi’s, the white-guy-with-a-grill DJ at the Palace, some hardcore couch time at home, and then more patio time last night on campus, where I had a Gardenburger named after Mariucci Arena. You can’t go wrong.

This weekend was kind of sad, however. My mom called Saturday because she couldn’t get hold of my sister to tell her that her cat, Kody, was sick. Stephanie was in Glacier National Park, and her signal was iffy. Kody had fluid on his lungs, and the vet said he was fading fast. They had to talk to my sister to find out if they should put him to sleep right away and end his suffering, or try to keep him alive til she got home on Tuesday. And, you know, nobody wants to get that call.

So I spent a lot of time talking to Stephanie, including the 20 minutes I spent sitting on the curb in the Suzi’s parking lot, trying to hide the fact that I was bawling my head off. My whole family was pretty heartbroken over the situation, and felt terrible for Stephanie having to make that choice while by herself in the middle of nowhere. I think I was as upset about that as I was about my own cat passing away. And then again yesterday, because she came back and had to go home to an empty house. I know how that feels.

In other particularly joyful news, I spend 7-9am at the dentist yesterday. I haven’t had insurance for many years, and my current dental doesn’t actually cover any work, either, but I decided to finally go get it over with. Between my appointment yesterday and the one next Tuesday, I’ll have paid them $2,500. AWESOME. I think dentures might actually be cheaper in the long run.

But let it be known that otherwise, things are awesome. I may be boring because I just come here with lists instead of details, but that’s more lack of time. (Want real updates? Read this instead.) Also, we booked our trip to Vegas the first weekend in October; in addition to Pete and Klein and their ladies, Colleen and Steve are going to be there. Hopefully others as well. I CAN’T WAIT.

Happy…uh…it’s Wednesday, right?


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