fleetwood mac still sucks!

This holiday weekend was glorious. Even better than the fact that I only have three days of work this week!

We spent the fourth with Dan and Kate, grilling at Hyland Park, playing bocce, laying in the grass, and kayaking. Later, we hung out at Dan’s playing Rock Band and Scrabble til almost 2 in the morning. We didn’t exactly see the fireworks, but we heard them. That’s close enough.

Saturday, Matt and I hopped in the car and headed up-nort’ to Duluth. We:

  • wandered around Canal Park
  • had enchiladas and margaritas for lunch
  • scoring some awesome deals on clothes and such at the beautiful Miller Hills Mall (we also had to pay a visit to Shopko, because I love it)
  • toured the UMD campus (mostly to heckle the hockey facility: really, we’re adults!)
  • had appetizers and sampled many varieties of beer at Fitgers
  • partook in fantastic cocktails at the Red Star Lounge
  • played much video poker at Black Bear Casino (where we were staying)
  • watched an awesome cover band and made out in the back corner of the Cobalt Lounge
  • retired to our amazingly-pimp room, featuring a bed with 12 pillows. The rest has been edited out for discretion.

We had brunch overlooking Lake Superior yesterday morning, then headed back to Minneapolis. We encountered some cabin traffic, but were still back by 3pm. Upon our arrival, I went to my house to empty Miguel and gather his paperwork, and then Matt and I had a date at the do-it-yourself car wash on Nicollet. I kind of want to go there to pressure-wash everything I own.

We did laundry, and then Miguel’s suitor came to take a look at him. 20 minutes later, we had a deal. I totally sold a car wearing a Sneaky Pete’s t-shirt. I rule.

We’re going to meet at the bank tomorrow to take care of the loan payoff and title transfer stuff, and then I guess I’m taking the bus home. I did get a loan preapproval from my credit union today, so I’m good to go as far as car-shopping. It’s kind of an inconvenient time right now (Matt’s parents are in town for a couple days, and we’re heading to Moondance Thursday morning), but I’m not in a huge hurry! I’ll either borrow a car from my parents, or rent one for a week. Not a big deal.

I’ll miss Miguel, but it would’ve been kind of a stupid financial decision to not take advantage of his worth right now. I’m making several thousand bucks on the deal, and that… well, that’s just awesome. I think I’ll buy a Jaguar.

I’m kidding! Possibly.

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