blackjack anniversary

Oh man, I’ve been gone for a while! It’s possible I’ve been preoccupied.

Almost two weeks and 5 different medications later, I think I’m cured. I hope I’m cured. That probably wasn’t actually the worst two weeks of my life by a long shot, but it sure felt like it at the time. I’m going to a specialist this afternoon to see if they can confirm that I’m recovering, but for the last two days, I’ve felt like a real person again, and not a leper.

Last night, Matt and Cindi and I went to pub quiz at Keegan’s. We took 2nd place in the first round, and won the second round. We enjoyed our six free drinks immensely. Afterwards, we got our wander on to the Terminal Bar, because it’s one of the very few (four, possibly?) bars we haven’t been to in northeast. Some things about the Terminal Bar:

  • It smells like pee and popcorn. I’m not kidding.
  • We met an old guy out back who hung out with us for far too long, but he was amusing and will always be the Roto-Rooter guy in my head.
  • We climbed up onto the balcony behind Ground Zero, because their patio was left unlocked. I think it was closed, because I didn’t hear any spanking or industrial music.
  • This band was playing, and they were pretty great. They were concerned that their name might remind people of pee. And, yes, they were dressed just like in their photo.
  • The naked lady machine doesn’t have any naked ladies on it. Sigh.

Then we went to Jimmy’s. Oh, Jimmy’s. I love that place a lot.

Today I get to leave work early to go to the doctor, and hopefully that’ll be the end of my dealings with medical professionals for some time to come. After that, it’s time to get the weekend started right: DOOMTREE.

See you next week!

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