2014 in Pictures!


Me and Matt at the Hockey City Classic
Delta jet over Maho Beach in Sint Maarten
Konrad Farms, the family farm in South Dakota
Old San Juan street
Matt as King Arthur, teeing off at our annual work minigolf tournament
Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua

Sailing in San Diego
Matt, Steve, and the hand grenades on Bourbon Street
The view from my chair at Navio Beach, Vieques PR
The Wigwam Motel on Route 66
Our yard, July 2014
Katie, Me, Sarah, Amelia, and Matt at the MOCA Walk (taken by Sarah)

The Konrads at Haase’s Bar in Kaylor, SD
Les Pitons in St Lucia
The North Star College Cup
Mile one of our Mississippi River paddle
Solomon Beach, St John USVI
Willie Nelson at Grand Casino

Matt and Wendy join the Hiking Club at camping
Proof that two Minnesotans can open a coconut with a machete (Vieques)
LA Kings vs Chicago Blackhawks at Staples Center in LA
Two Matts tailgating before outdoor hockey
Meatcake with candles, Wendy’s contribution to my birthday party
The gang visits the ocean at Coney Island

Accra/Rockley Beach, Barbados
Matt and Bally’s first visit to Arizona (Hoover Dam)
Joshua Tree National Park
Katie and Bill at Awesome Christmas
Matt and Bally on the pier in San Diego
The High Roller, Las Vegas

Brunch cruise on the Hudson River, NYC
Matt and Wendy playing hockey at the cabin on Cross Lake
Disney Land
The In-laws at Interstate State Park
The llama costume contest at the State Fair
The moon over Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

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