101 Things v2 Progress Report: December 2014

Begin Date: April 4, 2013
End Date: December 31, 2015
Items Completed: 38
Items that won’t be Completed: 3

I finished 1 item in December 2014.

#89 Do one of those daily knitting projects for an entire year (Done! I knitted the daily temperature for the entire year. I need to take a final picture.)

Items added in December:

I have a year left of this project, so it’s time to fill in the last two blank items on the list. I added one so far, and need to think of another:

#96 Buy a new bike (I like my Huffy cruiser bike from Target, but it’s so crappy and heavy it has trouble with hills. With groceries loaded on it, it’s nearly impossible to go uphill. So I want a nicer bike, since that’ll be my primary mode of transportation after we move.)

Items currently in progress:

#19 Put $12,000 more in savings (~6 months of nondiscretionary expenses) [6/12] (This will be finished in May, though I’ll probably keep saving at the same rate since moving is expensive.)

#27 Double my net worth (The market is making this hard right now, but it’s still very close to being on target.)

#32 *Finish Moroccan Days, Arabian Nights (I finished a huge section over Christmas and moved onto a more interesting part, so it’s going a lot quicker now. I started another giant project, so I’ll have to remind myself to focus on this.)

#51 Visit 5 new landmarks/museums etc in the Twin Cities [1/5] (Holidazzle Market)

#90 Watch all of the Coen Brothers movies again, because we talk about them all the time [7/16] (Matt bought me all the Coen Brothers films we don’t already own for Christmas, so this just got a lot easier! I’m starting a new one this weekend.)

#95 Finish our ever-expanding “Things to Do Before Saying FU to Minnesota” List [1/19] (See ‘A Christmas Carol’ at the Guthrie)

#99 Put $20 into savings for each completed task on this list, and $50 for each non-completed task ($870)

Here’s the full list.

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