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OH GOD, it’s been forever since I updated anything besides my 101 Things. I had to install a beta plugin for my webhost here, so that reminded me that I have a blog.

What’s gone on in the past two months? Let’s make a list.

1) IT’S SUMMER. It’s been cold and a lot of it was really rainy, but it’s summer. My garden is turning out tomatoes, squash, peppers, and greens like crazy, and the carrots and beets should be ready soon. Between the garden and the CSA, we’re eating a lot of vegetables lately. Which is never a bad thing.


2) My bike has risen from the dead! I have this cheap heavy-ass Huffy cruiser bike that I got at Target years ago, which now has new inner tubes and grocery-hauling baskets with cargo nets on the back. The baskets make it extra-heavy and impossible to ride up huge hills, but that’s OK because I’ll just avoid huge hills, and we’re moving to a place that doesn’t have hills at all. Which is the main reason I wanted to get my bike in good pack-mule shape.


3) I’ve mentioned in in a few places here before, I think, but yes, we’re planning to move to Key West at the end of next year. The families have been informed (my mother took it better than Matt’s, since my parents want to move to Orlando anyway), and so have our jobs. The part that makes it easy is that we can both do our jobs remotely, too. As far as waiting so long, there are a few reasons, but primarily it’s to do with the fact that we have several plane tickets originating at MSP, and because financially we’ll be in the best shape by then.

If Minnesota didn’t have such brutal winters, I’d probably live here forever. But let’s face it: they’re the worst. So I’ll take the threat of hurricanes over hypothermia.

4) My hip and knee are still being huge jerks a lot of the time, but since I’ve learned what their actual problem is, I feel like I’m doing a good job of making them better. It’s just a really slow process, and seems to be aggravated in particular by bike-riding, which I’m not exactly going to stop. I for sure have a terrible habit of turning my knees inward (my mother told me to sit like a lady!), particularly on the bike, and I sit with my legs crossed or folded under me a lot of the time. So at some point in the past few years, something like that made my right hip weak and that band of ligaments way too tight, and now I have to fix it, because it’s miserable to wake up several times a night feeling like someone’s stabbing you in the leg.

5) We have a new client at work, so that’s become my full-time job for the next year or so. And I love it, because it’s ASP.NET MVC, and I get to use C# instead of VB, use jQuery and Ajax, and generally make use of all the stuff I’ve been doing for largely nonwork purposes for the last year and a half. (Plus my coworkers are obligated to learn it, so I don’t feel like I’m talking to brick walls anymore.)

The client’s data structure unfortunately doesn’t support Entity Framework (well, it does, you just have to pay them many thousands of dollars for that support), so I just spent a few days writing my own provider to replace EF. I’m really proud of myself for that, and for the fact that should IBM decide to provide EF support for free at some point in the future, I can pull out the custom layer, drop EF in, and everything will continue to work the same as always. Which is awesome.

6) Work minigolf was excellent, and we won a fancy trophy for best-dressed. Our theme this year was Spamalot, aka the musical based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Yes, I chose that from our list of Broadway show options. Obviously.


7) Oh, and I had my birthday (Wendy made a meatcake), and we went to some shows and some baseball games and did some World Cup watching and also some kayaking and road-tripping and going to great restaurants and a ton of awesome cooking and it’s too much to list in detail. So basically, it’s summer.

8) I’ve been credit card hacking for free flights lately. We now have enough free travel credit that I had to create a spreadsheet to track it all. Win.

9) I had my biggest racetrack win ever last weekend, and it was on a total mistake of a Pick 3 bet. One of the favorites won the first, a 6-1 horse won the second race, and a long shot won the third. And then I had $544, which will be really convenient to have in NYC. Here’s my long-shot winning on the replay:


10) Since I always have to recap upcoming trips:

– New York in 2 weeks

– Vegas/California in November (we’re staying 2 nights in downtown Vegas, one night on the Strip, one night in a wigwam in San Bernardino, one night at a very attractive classic Palm Springs hotel, three nights at what appears to be a jungle retreat in Topanga Canyon, and a night in a regular old boring hotel in downtown San Diego. But we’re taking the train there, so that makes it interesting.)

– Scottsdale in January

– Jamaica in February

– New England and Quebec in May

– followed by hunkering down and hoarding vacation til we move.


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