It’s supposed to be 70 degrees today, so I’m going to celebrate by running around pants-free. Sorry, coworkers.

It’s been really nice the last couple of days, so I took the first opportunity to go work in the garden. I cleared out all the dead stuff from last year along the side of the house, and found a ton of daylilies already growing in there. My tulips are coming up in the front garden, too. I cleaned a billion pinecones from the neighbor’s tree from the newly-landscaped area by our air conditioner, and we’ve put out some of the patio furniture. It’s not too early to put up the hammock, is it? (Answer: probably yes, since we don’t have much grass growing there yet.)

Every time I want to go crazy and do a ton more work in the yard, I consider whether it’s worth it since I also don’t intend to live in Minnesota much longer. “Do I want to move this?” is the constant question. For the most part, I don’t. It helps that we’ve sold so much stuff on eBay already, which has the added bonus of financing all our vacations.

SPEAKING OF VACATION (that has to be my most-used segue ever):

1) My Caribbean travel journal is done! Seeing all those photos of Vieques again was painful. I want to go back.

2) Screw the entire airline industry for the price of airfare. We were planning to go to New York and Hawaii later this year, and the Hawaii flights are so stupid ($1,000+, nothing that doesn’t involve at least one redeye) that we decided to wait on that idea. And we even have the miles for a free ticket, but I still don’t do it because IT’S STUPID.

3) We decided to do a west coast roadtrip instead. We’re flying into Vegas and out of LA, and we have ten days to do whatever we want. The flight cost $240, so we win for once. I have a lot of things I’d love to do on the list, like Joshua Tree National Park, the Pacific Surfliner, the Wigwam Motel on Route 66, driving to Santa Barbara, and the toast to Ray on Wednesday night at Tiki Ti. Some of those have already been reserved! We spent some time looking at VRBO rentals in LA yesterday, and there are too many options to choose from.

4) We’re still going to New York despite the airfare. I’m convinced it’ll come down. Oh yeah, and we’ll be in New Orleans in a month, too!

Tomorrow my favorite team in the entire universe is playing in the Frozen Four. I’m so nervous I can’t even think about it most of the time. I’m sure you’ll hear how that goes.


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