101 Things v2 Progress Report: November 2013

Begin Date: April 4, 2013
End Date: December 31, 2015
Items Completed: 18
Items that won’t be Completed: 1

I finished 3 items in November 2013.

#38 Visit five breweries/distilleries we haven’t been to before (Made it 6 total, with Dangerous Man, Indeed, and 612 Brew.)

#87 Try curling (We took an Intro to Curling class, and it was awesome.)

#69 Get real chairs for our dining room table. Those folding chairs are from the 60s. (Done! I love them.)

Items that won’t be completed:

#30 Design and print a letterpress project (After not using my press for two years and feeling guilty about it, I decided to sell it to someone who would appreciate it. I did, and part of the proceeds paid for our chairs.)

Items currently in progress:

#55 *Visit 30 new restaurants/bars [9/30] (Gabe’s Rinkside Bar and Grill, Element Pizza)

#67 Update my web dev skills to the current era

#99 Put $20 towards debt payoff/savings for each completed task on this list, and $50 for each non-completed task ($360)

Here’s the full list.

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